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Bridge Score Pads

bridge scoring pads

For 14 Years, America's Factory Direct Manufacturer of Bridge Score Pads


bridge scorepads


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Bridge Score Pad Features: Our bridge scorepads are printed on premium 20LB bond paper. We feature four bridge scorepads style types.  Our bridge scorepads feature 50 sheets per pad and each bridge scorepad measures 5.5" x 8.5" ...along with a smaller version of the bridge pads which measures 4.25" x 5.5".


About Personalized Bridge Score Pads Printing: Easily personalize a name to your bridge pads by simply typing the name into our online bridge pads design studio.  Because of the size, this product is considered to be a jumbo bridge score sheet.  For those seeking contract bridge pads, this is a excellent choice.


About Bridge Score Sheet Prices and How to Get Started: We are confident that you will not find the bridge score sheets we manufacture at a lower price anywhere. Our advantage is we are the manufacturer of the bridge score sheets you buy from our company and thus there are no middle man markups. Our prices are typically below wholesale and while our bridge scorepads are inexpensive in price...there is nothing cheap about our quality. We feature no minimum order so you can buy a few or you can buy bridge scoring pads in bulk and take advantage of our huge quantity discounts on bridge scoring pads. To get started, select your bridge pad type...then select your options in the Price and Options calculator associated with each bridge scoring pads product...then follow the instructions.  Our customer support team is always ready to help you with your bridge scoring pads design as well as any questions you may have regarding our bridge scoring pad products. Please call us at 800-921-1322 regarding any questions or for assistance with ordering bridge score sheets.